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Multiquip light carts

By Stephen Elliott

April 14, 2024

MultiquipThe battery-powered GloBug light carts from Multiquip, Cypress, Calif., are the latest additions to its MQ Zero range of net zero emissions light construction equipment. Available in two models, spotlight (GBBAT3S4M) and balloon light (GBBAT8BM), the spotlight offers four 300W LED lamps that emit 212,000 lumens of directional lighting. The balloon light emits 110,000 lumens of 360-degree diffused, non-glare LED light that reduces shadows, eye strain, fatigue and promotes safety, the company said.

Both models have a three-step dimming switch, enabling the operator to control the desired level of brightness, extend battery run time, and reduce light pollution. A telescopic four-stage, 20-ft. mast allows users to control how wide an area to illuminate.

The lithium-ion battery features eight hours of run time on the spotlight and 12 hours of run time on balloon light at full load. The lights are equipped with two built-in chargers that let users plug into any 110V AC outlets and fully recharge in 5.5 hours.