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Learn and share via Region Nine member updates

By Connie Lannan

January 10, 2023

Graphic for Alberto's Region Nine talksAmerican Rental Association (ARA) members in Region Nine, which includes California, Nevada and Hawaii, had the opportunity to learn about the association’s newest products and services at the first “Alberto’s Insight” meeting Oct. 26, which was hosted by ARA Region Nine Director Alberto Pianelli, general manager, F & B Rentals, Santa Ana, Calif.

“I felt it was important to inform the whole region about the important things that have been happening regarding the rental industry in our region and what are the latest products and resources offered by ARA. There are so many resources available. Many members may not realize what is available that can help them and their businesses,” he says.

Those who attended the Zoom meeting learned about:

  • The ARA Show™, including the new Saturday educational offerings of EventsU (formerly Events & Tents) and Future of Equipment Rental.
  • ARA’s new Healthcare Solution, the self-funded program through Allstate Benefits that can offer cost savings and flexibility while also providing quality health benefits that comply with the Affordable Care Act.
  • The new courses available on RentalU, ARA’s education platform: the ARA Certified Courses that include the Sales & Marketing course, the Service Technician course, the new MEWP Train-the-Trainer course, the updated Professional Driver Education Program and all the courses now available in Spanish.
  • The new Tent Ballasting Tool for event rental operators.
  • The new Rental Software Reviews that offer perspectives from rental operators about rental software features they are using, features ranked by importance, market share according to reviews, software comparisons, software reviews and a software feature comparison, all filtered by segment and size.
  • The latest news from John McClelland about the California Air Resources Board and forklifts.

“I wanted everyone to know that there are so many resources out there. A lot of times rental operators get so busy running their businesses that they don’t have time to get on the ARA website and check out all the items that are there for them,” Pianelli says.

In addition to offering information, Pianelli wanted the forum to be a place for members throughout the region to ask questions and share successes and struggles. “I want our members to know that we are available and approachable to answer questions about the association and its resources. I want to offer an opportunity for people to get on the call, share their concerns and learn from each other. Everyone has a voice. I want to hear our members’ voices — hear what they have to say,” he says, noting that rental operators may reach him at

Pianelli is planning to offer another “Alberto’s Insight” call before The ARA Show in February, so watch your email for details.