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John Deere dozers

By Stephen Elliott

February 25, 2024

John Deere dozerThe 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier large dozer models from John Deere, Moline, Ill., feature advanced visibility and safety features as part of the transition to the P-Tier models, the company says. Previously in the market as the 950K and 1050K, the 1050 P-Tier dozer features an increase in engine power and a redesigned hood and front-end design. The machines are equipped with standard LEDs and cold weather hydraulic lines are specially tailored for cold climate operations. The cab of both models can be tilted for easy serviceability access under the cab, the company says.

An Operator Presence System was designed to ensure that an operator is present in the seat of the cab, with the seat belt fastened, before the park brake can be released. The 1050 P-Tier dozer features a revamped JD14 (13.6 liter) engine which replaced the 13.5 liter engine in the 1050K.