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Hilti celebrates 70 years of direct fastening

December 3, 2023

HiltiHilti 70 year celebration, Plano, Texas, is celebrating 70 years of direct fastening. Hilti direct fastening is renowned for its ability to anchor almost anything to concrete, steel and wood, the company says. Based in Liechtenstein, the company embarked on a path that would lead it to become a globally recognizable brand.

According to the company, it was direct fastening that spurred Hilti to pioneer a direct sales model. The company’s fleet of red vehicles is staffed by highly-trained employees in more than 120 countries. In 1953, the company launched a powder-actuated, high-velocity tool for setting studs and nails in concrete, the Hilti Perfix. The innovation laid the foundation for the company’s modern direct fastening portfolio.

In 2023, the company launched the FX 3 with cordless stud fusion technology for fastening F-BT threaded studs to steel. The tool is designed to bring higher loads and can fasten on thinner base materials than previous Hilti solutions, the company says.

Hilti has also introduced smart tools that connect via Bluetooth to the Hilti Connect App that becomes a digital companion, offering insights into tool data, maintenance updates and how-to videos, the company says.