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Hatz Digital Solutions: The boost for equipment efficiency.

By Hatz Americas, Inc.

January 31, 2024

Hatz Digital Solutions is the perfect addition for your engines. With our solutions, you have performance, availability, location, maintenance requirements and other key information on your engines and machinery at all times.

Asphalting paver machine and other modern construction machinery and vehicles during asphalting works on a second lane of a highway, aerial view.

Performance Tracking provides you with structured information about your machines and thus improves your profitability. Real-time transfer of engine operating states, backup measures and over-the-air updates for new functionalities make it possible. An IoT module, a data interface and a browser-based dashboard are used for this purpose.

Your Hatz engine thus becomes an indispensable data provider for your optimized planning.

  • Geoposition
  • Error Codes
  • Data Via SIM Card
  • Browser Based Applications

This is an intuitive way to maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability. All electronically controlled Hatz engines applications can benefit from our IoT and performance tracking technology.

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