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Golfer? Not a golfer? Didn’t matter at California’s Topgolf Trifecta

By Connie Lannan

November 7, 2023

Everyone had a great time at the ARA of California Topgolf Trifecta event.

Everyone had a great time at the ARA of California Topgolf Trifecta event.

Connecting with rental peers over delicious food and drink, with some good-natured golf competition thrown in for those who wished, were all part of the ARA of California’s Oct. 19 Topgolf Trifecta, which was held simultaneously at three different locations — in El Segundo, Roseville and San Jose.

This is the second year the state chapter has offered the Topgolf Trifecta event. “I look forward to this event every year,” says Michelle Strand, president, Interstate 80 Forklift in Vacaville, Calif., who serves as ARA of California secretary. “Having this event gave us, as business owners, an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people in our industry and enjoy some fun with our team.”

The nearly 115 ARA members who attended were “treated to giveaways, two drink tickets and enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner before the fun began. Lots of laughter and side wagers happened all night as members swung into action,” Strand adds.

Kathy Newby, CERP, account executive – special events, AFR Furniture Rental, Hayward, Calif., couldn’t agree more. She attended the gathering in San Jose.

“It was great. I have never been to this venue before, so I wanted to check it out and network with my fellow ARA members,” she says.

Newby used to golf quite a bit, “but you would have never known it by my score,” she says with a laugh.  “I hung out with those from Pleasanton Rentals. We were cheering each other on and even had some side bets going on. It was a lot of fun and we all left with these huge bags of swag. It was pretty amazing.”

More members who took part in the ARA of California Topgolf's event

More members who took part in the ARA of California Topgolf’s event

You didn’t have to be a golfer, though, to enjoy the fun, says Greg Flanagan, owner, Hammer Equipment in Santa Clarita, Calif, who attended the event in El Segundo.

“I am not a golfer. I was many years ago, but not anymore. I wanted to see some old and new faces and network our business a little bit, see what vendors were there. My wife, who is my partner in the business, and I went. It was nice — good food and great conversation. It was everything I was looking for,” he says.

A big part of Flanagan’s business is wholesale rental with other rental operations. “It was nice to see, socialize as well as talk business with those we do business with. By attending events like this you can get the inside scoop. It is always great to be together with your peers and know you are not alone. We all share similar struggles,” he says.

Newby agrees. “To be able to take a break from work and have fun with colleagues in the industry was well worth the time. We all are in the same business. It is nice to talk with others who understand what you are going through,” she says.

Both Flanagan and Newby encourage other rental operators to take advantage of these types of events. “[Those who didn’t attend] missed out on the networking and the friendships. We all keep our noses to the grindstone. These are the great events that allow you to take a few hours of the day to sit back, feel appreciated and enjoy a little friendship,” Flanagan says.