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General Pipe Cleaners cable feed

By Stephen Elliott

July 16, 2023

General Pipe CleanersThe portable 30-lb. DRZ-PH power drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners, A Div. of General Wire Spring Co., McKees Rocks, Pa., allows users to clean clogged sink, tub and laundry drains in 1.25-in. to 3-in. lines. The machine features a variable speed power cable feed for optimal control feeding and retrieving cable at up to 16 ft./min. A 4-ft. guide tube and pneumatic foot pedal are designed to minimize the user’s contact with wet, spinning cable during drain cleaning. The model can be operated horizontally on kitchen counters or vertically on a floor next to tubs. The product has a handle atop the frame to facilitate transport. A rust-resistant aluminum drum carries up to 50 ft. of 0.125 in. or 0.3125 in., or 35 ft. of 0.375 in. Flexicore wire rope center cable.