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First CERP in the state joins ARA of Nebraska board

By Brock Huffstutler

February 7, 2023

Jared Lashley, CERP

Jared Lashley, CERP

Jared Lashley, CERP, dispatcher, United Rent-All, Omaha, Neb. has joined the board of directors of the ARA of Nebraska.

Lashley has been with United Rent-All for three of the 14 years he has devoted to the industry. “I dispatch trucks, crews and make sure all deliveries and pickups get completed. I also assist with human resources, maintenance and routes when we are busy. There are a thousand other things I do, but my main job is to be what the company needs me to be in a particular moment,” he says of his duties at United Rent-All.

An associate degree in general science and business management and trade school certificates in horticulture and agriculture drafting are part of Lashley’s educational resume. In 2020, he became a state pioneer in his earning of Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP) credentials through the American Rental Association (ARA). “When I completed the CERP, I was contacted by ARA because I was the first one in the state of Nebraska to have the certification,” he says.

The volunteer service such as he brings to the ARA of Nebraska is nothing new to Lashley. “Currently my family and I volunteer with those less fortunate in our community. I have also volunteered in the legal department at the University of Nebraska since 2007,” he says.

When asked what ARA benefit he appreciates most, Lashley places networking at the top of the list, and it is this value that inspires him as he sets out on his state chapter board service.

“So far, the experience of meeting new people and learning new ways to do things has been the most valuable part of my ARA membership,” Lashley says. “My main goal as an ARA of Nebraska board member is to tackle a new challenge and meet more of my peers locally.”