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Fecon compact excavator mulcher attachment

By Stephen Elliott

April 2, 2023

Fecon compact excavator mulcher attachmentThe FMX28 Bull Hog® compact excavator mulcher attachment from Fecon, Lebanon, Ohio, is optimized for standard flow excavators between 3.5 to 5 tons and can operate with as little as 12 gal./min. (gpm). With an overall width of 40 in. and a working width of 28 in., the attachment mounts on excavators up to 8 tons. The mulching head features 14 reversible knife tools on a bite-limiting split ring motor. The fixed knife design ensures a consistent small chip size and management of all vegetation up to 5 in. in diameter, the company says. The reversible Cubit knives extend the total life of the tool to 140 to 200 hrs./edge. 

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