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EZG Manufacturing granted ISO certification

By Stephen Elliott

May 7, 2023

EZG ManufacturingEZG Manufacturing, Malta, Ohio, has been granted an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification. The ISO granted EZG the specific designation of ISO 9001-2015 with design, which certifies that the quality management systems within an organization meet the international standard.  

According to Alex Hilton, EZG Quality Systems manager, about 5 percent of manufacturing companies in the U.S. have received the ISO 9001-2015 status, and of all U.S. companies, about 0.5 percent. 

The certification is based on several quality management principles. EZG management decided to begin the process of achieving ISO certification early in 2022. As part of the process of being certified, a third-party auditor conducted multiple phases of audits at EZG, monitoring and evaluating management and production. EZG Manufacturing has been in business since 1998.