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Erin Brochu, ARA of Canada Task Force member, shares driver training program ideas

By Erin Brochu

May 16, 2023

Erin Brochu

Erin Brochu

Hello, American Rental Association (ARA) Region Ten members. Here’s hoping business has been strong for you as we head into summer. In the thick of it all, are you confident your staff is handling equipment or event deliveries as safely and securely as possible — from your yard, on the road, on the customer’s site and back again? I’d like to share with you information on two top-shelf tools that can help you be absolutely sure.

ARA’s Professional Driver Education Program (PDEP)

This program walks employees through modules that allow them to experience a day in the life of a professional driver and focuses on all aspects of the driving and delivery processes for an equipment rental store. Three brand-new PDEP modules include:

  • The Professional Driver. This module focuses on pre-checking the delivery vehicle; proper loading, unloading and load securement; customer service; and safety.
  • The Drive. This module includes topics such as classes of vehicles and licenses, customer service, safety and defensive driving for different types of vehicles and trailers. It also provides an overview of federal, state and provincial rules and regulations for commercial drivers.
  • The Customer Site. This module shares information on customer service and safety, unloading, familiarization, pickups and end-of-day routines.

For more information about PDEP, click here.

Box Truck Training Program

Developed exclusively for those of you involved in party and event rentals, this interactive training includes information about proper lifting and loading techniques, warehouse safety, customer service, and delivery and pick-up considerations. To learn more, click here.

Take time to utilize employee training programs like these that are tailored especially for all of us in the rental industry. You’ll even find on-site footage from real equipment and event rental businesses doing what they do best — the proper and safe way. You’ll be glad you did, and it could save you from some very, very costly accidents.

Best wishes for a safe and prosperous month.

Erin Brochu
Owner, Castle Rentals & Welding Supplies
Edson, Alberta, Canada