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Eclipse Surface Technologies acquires ClearBlast: Wet Abrasive Blasters

By Stephen Elliott

February 5, 2023

Eclipse Surface Technologies logoEclipse Surface Technologies, an abrasive blasting equipment manufacturer based out of West Chester, Pa., recently acquired ClearBlast: Wet Abrasive Blasters, also of West Chester, to fill the dustless blasting void in their product lineup. Originally developed in 2015, ClearBlast systems showcase portable wet abrasive blasting technology.  

“Timing is everything,” said Jeff Paduano, president, Eclipse Surface Technologies. “When the ClearBlast company became available, it was at the same time we were looking to expand our product portfolio. The more homework we did, the more excited we were to have the chance to manufacture and sell ClearBlast systems. The user interface is intuitive and unique enough to have earned a patent in 2020. When we researched them online, we only found great feedback and reviews. We knew it was a smart strategic move for our company and are already having good success in the marketplace with this equipment.”