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Don’t miss out. Apply for a share of nearly US$134,000 in scholarships

By Brock Huffstutler

January 10, 2023

ARA Foundation scholarships

Look for an ARA Foundation scholarships poster in your December 2022 copy of Rental Management magazine to post in your workplace.

Students enrolling at trade schools, community colleges, undergraduate colleges and graduate schools for courses that support a career in the equipment and event rental industry can apply for a share of nearly US$134,000 in scholarships through the ARA Foundation and its affiliate partners.

Employees in a rental business and/or a manufacturer/supplier operation; immediate family members (spouse, daughter or son) of the rental business owner; and American Rental Association (ARA) student members may apply for:

  • ARA Foundation Trade School Scholarships
  • ARA Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships
  • ARA Foundation Graduate Scholarships
  • ARA Foundation ARA Student Member Scholarships
  • Affiliate program scholarships

The scholarship offerings for the 2023-2024 school year include the new ARA Foundation Fred Dupy Scholarship worth US$4,000. The scholarship was created in memory of the late Fred Dupy, who was president of American Party Rental in Austin, Texas, and a longtime, avid supporter of ARA Foundation programs.

Take a look at the impact the scholarships had on just two of last year’s 38 recipients:

A total of US$6,500 was awarded to Nancy Clippard, Houston ToolBank, Houston. “This is my second year accepting an award from the ARA Foundation, and the benefits have majorly helped my college journey. Last year, I was able to cover 90 percent of my class fees for one semester with the scholarships. This year, I will be able to cover all my school expenses, from classes to books and even tutoring for the next two semesters. This has given me another burst of confidence to continue working hard toward my goals,” she says.

Another recipient, Cory Johnson of RC Watt, North Huntingdon, Pa., received US$2,000 and, upon receiving news of his award, was “very happy and appreciative. I will be a second-year student in heavy equipment operations and mechanics. I am eager to get to work utilizing these skills and am one step closer to achieving my goal. [The ARA Foundation scholarship] has lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school: learning.”

Nearly US$134,000 is on the line. Apply here by the March 7 deadline.