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ARA Lunch & Learn: Why Mental Health and Wellness Awareness Matters

May 9, 2024

Watch the ARA Lunch & Learn below as Brad Barber, CEO of H&E Rentals; Andrew Heesacker, CEO of Arvada Rent-Alls; and Dr. John Pompe, global director, health & wellness at Caterpillar, present “Why Mental Health and Wellness Awareness Matters” brought to you by The ARA Foundation. The group talks openly about overcoming the stigma of mental health issues and what companies are doing to support their employees. Click here to see more mental health and wellness resources.

Featured guests:

  • Brad Barber, CEO, H&E Rentals
  • Andrew Heesacker, CEO, Arvada Rent-Alls
  • Dr. John Pompe, Global Director, Health & Wellness at Caterpillar