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ARA debuts rental episodes of ‘Jobs of Tomorrow’ docuseries

By Lauren Mau

October 22, 2023

Jobs of TomorrowTo continue its commitment to rental workforce development, the American Rental Association (ARA) has debuted rental episodes of a digital series called “Jobs of Tomorrow.” “Jobs of Tomorrow” is in its third season and there are six episodes featuring ARA members talking about why they work in rental, how they use technology in their businesses and much more.

“We are so excited to see this project come to fruition,” says Tony Conant, ARA CEO. “Rental industry workforce development is a strategic focus of the association and these six episodes really showcase the diversity and strength of our industry and illustrate why careers in rental are so rewarding.”

ARA partnered with Association TV to produce the episodes and to get involved with the “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries, currently available on Tubi and coming soon to other streaming services like Amazon Prime. The titles of the episodes include:

  • Rental 101: The Untold Stories
  • The Construction Squad: Always Ready to Help
  • Innovate, Create, Elevate: The Intersection of Technology and Rental Industry
  • The Event Rental Squad: From Super Bowls to Eggrolls
  • Sustainability: You Spin Me Round
  • Why the Best Jobs Were the Best Kept Secrets and How the Word Gets Out

“It’s crucial to reach younger audiences and introduce them to rental as soon as we can,” says Josh Nickell, ECP-SM/MI, ARA vice president of workforce development. “We know young people consume media differently and this series meets them where they are online.”

Rental 101: The Untold Stories is available to view on Rental Management Media Group’s website. Click here to watch it.

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