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Andrea Guzzoni — Rental Management's 2023 "12 to Watch Under 40"

By Erin Jorgensen

August 23, 2023

Andrea Guzzoni

Andrea Guzzoni, 33, CEO and co-founder, easyHire Technologies LTD, London, became involved in the rental industry nearly seven years ago when he launched Rentuu, a startup company that has evolved into easyHire Technologies. There are a few factors that attracted him to the rental industry he says, including “the opportunity to contribute to the circular economy, which aligns with my environmental values” and “as a tech entrepreneur, I saw rental as a sector with vast potential for improvement and investment, enabling us to build a highly optimized and successful business. “I was drawn to the immense potential that the rental industry offers in terms of creating a positive impact on the world,” he says.

easyHire Technologies LTD is a member of the easyGroup family, which is known for easyJet, Europe’s second-largest airline company. Operating on a franchise business model, the company’s mission is “to make equipment hire easy and accessible for all,” according to the company website. The company’s primary focus is on serving small contractors who “value the convenience of checking equipment availability and competitive pricing,” he says. Guzzoni works with a team of 25 employees, and more than 50 percent of them are dedicated to engineering and product development.

As a child, Guzzoni had a strong desire to be an explorer or geographer, which lead him to an “inclination toward discovery and exploration” that has influenced the company’s expansion into several countries. Being involved in the American Rental Association (ARA) has helped expand his network and given him the opportunity to explore other international possibilities. “Despite being based in the UK and primarily operating in Italy, Spain and Portugal, we have always striven for global opportunities,” he says. “Joining ARA was a natural choice for us. Attending The ARA Show™ in Orlando in 2023 allowed me to connect with a wide range of exceptional individuals from companies based in the United States, Brazil, South Africa and other regions. By keeping my team informed through automated forwarding of the ARA newsletter, we have found it to be an invaluable resource for staying updated on industry news and safety practices.”

As far as the rental industry moving forward, he believes the future is bright and would encourage a rental career to students. “The approach to promoting a rental career may differ depending on the specific sector, whether it be large machinery or event rentals. However, the overarching message is that rental is integral to the circular economy. Emphasizing the optimization and efficient circulation of goods resonates with the environmentally conscious values held by the younger generation. Luckily, the younger generation cares deeply about sustainability, making rental an attractive and
meaningful career choice.

“I am optimistic about the future of the rental industry. The key lies in leveraging data and optimizing business models further. There is still tremendous potential for improvement in this area. Additionally, I believe that technological advances such as 3D printing on construction sites and evolving logistics practices will play a significant role. Investing in the right machinery and fleets will be crucial to adapt to these changes and stay ahead of the curve,” he says.