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A message from Jared Medaris, CERP, ARA of California president

By Jared Medaris, CERP

February 7, 2023

Jared Medaris, CERP

Jared Medaris, CERP

Hello, American Rental Association (ARA) Region Nine members. Can you believe we’re already in February? It seems like January just flew by.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jared Medaris, CERP, and I serve as president of the ARA of California. On behalf of our state association, I would like to extend an invitation to all members in Region Nine to reach out if you’d like to participate in our state activities. Those of us who serve on the California state chapter board welcome you and would like to get to know you.

I hope to connect with many of you this month at The ARA Show™ in Orlando. It’s been more than 10 years since I attended my first show. Attending that and consecutive shows has really given me a wonderful perspective regarding the benefits of being an ARA member. I’d like to list just a few of those benefits here:

At the top of my list is the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals. I want to say I am not the most socially outgoing person, but attending such things as The ARA Show and state events is an effective way to make valuable connections that can help you and your business. The fact that most of us share the same interests and challenges and have had similar experiences helps to “break the ice.”

Another benefit to ARA membership is education. At my first show, I took the final exam for my CERP (Certified Event Rental Professional) designation. I love the opportunities ARA has opened for industry-specific education. The education the association has made available is phenomenal. Now we have access to RentalU, which offers a whole host of education and training resources. I have my delivery drivers go through the Driver Safety Course and several of them have gone through the Box Truck Training Program.

One more benefit that I want to mention is volunteer service. At my first show, I expressed interest in getting more involved with the association and soon volunteer opportunities arose. Since then, I have been able to volunteer my time on different committees and groups. Later, when I was invited by an industry friend and mentor to get involved with the state association, I was thrilled. These volunteer opportunities have helped me build relationships within the association and its members. Now I feel like I have a network of friends in the industry whom I can turn to when I need it.

Speaking of volunteering, the ARA of California board is looking for another board member to join our ranks. If you, as a California rental business owner, would be interested or if there is an emerging leader at your operation who would like to get involved, email me. This would be a fantastic way to get involved, network with peers and just have a lot of fun.

I invite all of you to take advantage of all the benefits your ARA membership offers. I know from personal experience how membership has positively impacted me, our team and the entire business.

Jared Medaris, CERP, ARA of California president
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Fresno, Calif.