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2024 Market Movers: NC Rents

By Connie Lannan

June 6, 2024

Tad Bowers

Tad Bowers (Photos in this story courtesy of NC Rents)

NC Rents, Lodi, Calif., is not your traditional rental operation. There’s no brick-and-mortar retail location and no business with the general public per se. For owner Tad Bowers, the business is built on serving the specific needs of targeted customers in the construction, agricultural and industrial markets.

“We specialize in providing the same equipment everybody else has, but we cut to end-users who were maybe tucked away or maybe not on the map of some of the larger players. This has allowed us to carve out a little bit of business from all kinds of segments for people who still want good service and have a high sense of urgency,” he says.

The premise works. NC Rents has been named a Market Mover for the second year in a row. The 2024 distinction resulted from the company’s 153 percent growth rate in annual rental revenue from 2021 to 2023.

Bowers attributes that growth to hiring the right people for the right positions. “We’re very selective on how we add people to the team. Last year we were able to find four people to add, which doesn’t sound like many, but it basically doubled our team. That doubled our ability to prep, deliver and pick up equipment. It also allowed us to justify buying more fleet. We run a super-high utilization rate. That’s the only way we can afford to do it. Everybody has to be hands-on. Every person we add is going to help prop up revenue quite a bit,” he says.

Manny Hermosillo, front, and Chris Panelo in the shop

Manny Hermosillo, front, and Chris Panelo in the shop

It’s the right people who share the same customer-centered goals. “We care about what’s going on with the customer. We’re responsive, and we’re on their schedule. We provide what they need and keep our commitments. If we say we’re going to do it, we do it. We’re not going to promise something we can’t do,” Bowers adds.

Future growth will rest on finding new opportunities while navigating the pulls of the economy, higher equipment costs and regulations. “If we do it right, we’re going to have to switch some stuff around, probably get into some other lines and then probably have to sell more along the way — and look for that opportunity,” he says.

Tips for growth

  • Don’t hire someone unless they fit what your goals and vision are or how you want to be represented as a company. Don’t just stuff somebody in a position. Find the right person for the position and your team.
  • Develop a cohesive team. A team that is not cohesive is disruptive and will be detrimental to all involved and the company.

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